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Muslim Youth : A Glance at the Youth (Part 2)

The second type

The second type of teenager is

  • One who is corrupt in his beliefs, irresponsible in his conduct, himself misled, ingulfed in vice; he does not accept the truth from anyone nor does he refrain from falsehood and he is selfish in his conduct.
  • One who is stubborn. He does not yield to the truth nor does he renounce falsehood. He dos not care about his neglect of the rights of man nor the rights of Allah. He is a confused teenager bereft of impartiality in his thinking and in his behaviour. Likewsie he lacks balance in all his affairs.
  • One who is conceited with his own opinion as if truth flows from his tongue. He, in his opinion, is free from mishaps, while others are a source of mistakes and slip-ups as long as they contradict his option.
  • One who has turned away from the straight path in his deen and the accepted norms of conduct. The evil of his conduct has been made alluring to him. Therefore he regards it as virtuous. Thus he is the greatest of losers in respect of his deeds. These are the ones whose efforts have been wasted in this life, while they presumed that they were doing good.

    He is an evil omen upon himself and a misfortune for his society, one who is driving his nation towards the lowest stage. He is a barrier between his nation and their respect and munificence, a lethal influence, difficult to treat - except if Allah wishes. Allah has power over everything.

The third type

The third type of teenager is

    • One who is confused and doubtful. He recognises the truth and is content with it. He lives in a guarded society except that the doors of evil have opened up for him from every direction. This has created doubt in his beliefs, deviation in his conduct, weakness in his action, a foray from known practices and an influx of diverse falsehood. Thus he is in eternal thought and inner search. Opposing this influx or movement (of falsehood) is uncertainty. He does not know whether the truth lies in the prevailing idealogies or in the way of his pious predecessors and his safeguarded society. He is thus in doubt - sometimes he accords preference to one side and sometimes the next according to the strength of the influx of these thoughts.
    • One who is passive in his life. He is in need of captivating strength which will guide him towards the enclosure of truth and the path of goodness. How easy will this not be Allah prepares for him a person who calls towards good, who is wise, knowledgeable and of good intentions?

      These types of teenagers are found in abundance. They obtain a smattering of Islaamic education but they acquire much more secular knowlege which conflicts with the basics of Deen either in reality or in their presumptions. Thus they are helpless between the 2 cultures. It is possible for them to gain liberation from this helplessness by establishing themselves upon Islaamic education and acquiring this education from it's original sources - the book of Allah (the Qur'aan) and the Sunnah (traditions) of Muhammad sallAllahu 'alayhi wa sallam at the hands of devoted Ulema (learned men) - and this is not difficult for them.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Muslim Youth : A Glance at the Youth (Part 1)

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If we closely exam the the youth, it will be possible for us to conclude that the youth are generally of three types: Rightly guided youth, deviated or perverted youth and youth who are confused (between evil and good).

The first type

Rightly guided youth are:

  • Youth who firmly believe in all the implications of this Kalima (the shahadatain). They termly believe in their Deen (Religion). Eemaan (Faith) is beloved to them and they are content and satisfied with their Eemaan. They consider aquiring Imaam as a profit and deprivation from it as a big loss.
  • Youth who worship Allah sincerely. They worship Allah alone who has no partner.
  • Youth who follow the Messenger of Allah, Muhammad [sallAllahu 'alayhi wa sallam] practically in his speech and action because they believe that he is the Messenger of Allah and the leader of all messengers.
  • Youth who establish salah (Prayer) perfectly to the best of their ability, because they believe in the benefit and the religious, worldly and social merit found in prayer and the dangerous consequences of neglecting salah for both the individual and the nation.
  • Youth who give Zakah in full to those who are deserving of it, because they believe that Zakah fulfils the needs of Islaam and it is one of the five Pillars of Islaam.
  • Youth who fast during the month of Ramadaan. They stop themselves from their desires and cravings, whether it is summer or winter because they believe that actions are for the pleasure of Allah. Thus they give preference to that which pleases Allah over that which they desire.
  • Youth who perform the compulsory duty of Hajj (Pilgrimage) to the sacred house of Allah because they love Allah. Thus they love the house of Allah and they love going to the places of his mercy and forgiveness and collaborating with his Muslim brothers who come to these places.
  • Youth who believe in Allah who is their creator and the creator of the skies and the each, because they see from amongst the signs of Allah that which leaves no doubt even for a moment whatsoever in the existence and being of Allah. They see in this vast unique universe, in the form and system of the universe, that which clearly indicates towards the existence of it's creator and His total power and complete wisdom, because it is not possible for this universe to come into existence on it's own, nor is it possible for it to come into existence coincidentally. The reason for this is that the universe was non-existent before it was brought into existence, and that which is non-existent cannot bring anything into existence, because it itself is non-existent.

It is not possible that the universe came into existence coincidentally because it has a unique well-arranged system, which does not change nor variate from the procedure predestined for it.

"You will never find a change in the system of Allah." [33:62]

"You will never find any reversal in the system of Allah." [35:43]

"You will not see in the creation of the most gracious any disparity, so turn your vision again. Do you see any rupture? Then turn your vision again, a second time, your vision will return to you dull an in a state of fatigue." [67:3-4]

The fact that this universe has a unique, well-arranged system, prevents it's existence being coincidental. That which is in existence coincidentally will also have a system which is coincidental, which is likely to change or be disturbed in a short period of time.

  • Youth who believe in the angels of Allah because Allah has given information regarding them (the angels) in his book the Qur'aan and his Messenger sallAllahu 'alayhi wa sallam has given information regarding to in the Sunnah (the traditions). The Qur'aan and Sunnah explain their qualities, their worship and their actions to which they rigidly stick to for the goodness of the creation. This clearly points to the existence of the angels.
  • Youth who believe in the Books of Allah. Allah revealed these books to his Messengers as a source of guidance for the creation towards the straight path. It is not possible for the mind of man to understand the intricacies of worship and social life except with the books of Allah.
  • Youth who believe in the prophets and Messengers of Allah whom Allah sent to his creation to call them towards good and enjoin them with good and prevent them from evil so that people do not have any proof against Allah after the sending of prophets. The very first Messenger was Nooh alayhis-salam and the last messenger was Muhammad sallAllahu 'alayhi wa sallam.
  • Youth who believe in the last day in which people will be resurrected after dying, so they may be compensed for their actions. Whoever does good equal to an atom, will reap it, and whoever does evil equal to an atom, will reap it. This is the cosequence of this world, otherwise what is the benefit of life and what is the wisdom of life if there is no day for the creation in which the doer of good will be compensated for his good, and the perpetrator of evil, punished for his evil?
  • Youth who believe in the predestination of good and evil. Thus they believe that everything is with the decree of Allah and his divine foreordainment. This is despite their belief in causes and their related effects and that for both good and evil there are means.
  • Youth who adhere to the advice of Allah, His messengers, His book, the leaders of the Muslims and the general masses. They interact with Muslims with frankness and openness - the way it is incumbent upon them. They neither mislead, deceive nor conceal anything.
  • Youth who call towards Allah with deep insight, in accordance to the manner Allah has laid down in his book.

"Call towards the path of your Sustainer with wisdom and sound advice and debate with them in a manner that is befitting." [16:125]

  • Youth who enjoin good and forbid from evil because they believe that in this is the success of the nation.

"You are the best of nations, taken out for the guidance of mankind. You enjoin good and forbid from evil and you have full faith in Allah." [3:110]

  • Youth who strive in the changing of evil in the way established by the Messenger of Allah sallAllahu 'alayhi wa sallam:

"Whomsoever from amongst you see an evil he should change it with his hand. If he does not have the power to do this, then he should change it with his tongue. If he does not have the ability to do even this, then he should change it with his heart (by scheming in the eradication of this evil)." (Hadith)

  • Youth who speak the truth and accept the truth, because truth leads to good and good leads to paradise. A person will continue being truthful and pursue the truth until Allah records him as being a truthful person.
  • Youth who love good for the general Muslims because they believe in the saying of Nabi sallAllahu 'alayhi wa sallam:

"None from amongst you can be a true believer until he loves for his (Muslim) brother that which he loves for himself." (Hadith)

  • Youth who is cognizant of his responsiblity to Allah and his nation. He strives always for the goodness of his Deen (Religion), his nation and homeland, keeping far from egoism and far from giving consideration to his own good at the expense of the good of others.
  • Youth who strives for the pleasure of Allah, with the help of Allah and in the path of Allah. He strives with sincerity without pride or want of reputation. He strikes with the help of Allah without being conceited and without depending on his own might and power. He strives in the path of Allah for the upliftment of his Deen without exceeding the bounds and without laxity. He strives with his tongues, hand and wealth in the manner that the needs of Islaam, and the Muslims demand of him.
  • Youth who have character and Deen in them, thus they are of refined character, religion, gentle, liberal, noble-minded, clean-hearted, steadfast, enduring and resolute. They do not waste any opportunity nor do they let compassion overcome intelligence and the need for reformation.
  • Youth who is systematic. He works with wisdom and silence despite being firm and excellent in his work. He does not waste any opportunity but instead occupies himself in actions which are beneficial for him and his nation.

Together with this, this teenager safe-guards his Deen, character and conduct. Thus he is extremely distant from those qualities which contradict this, like kufr (disbelief), apostasy, inequity, disobedience, lowly character and evil mutual relations.

These types of youth are the pride of a nation and a symbol of it's prosperity and Deen. These are the youth who will obtain the good of this world and the hereafter. They are the youth who we hope that Allah, with his grace, will use to rectify the corruption amongst the Muslims and illuminate the spiritual path of the seekers of truth.

(To be Continued..)

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Selamat Pengantin Baru!

Alhamdulillah, pada 14 Februari yang baru ini telah berlangsunglah majlis perkahwinan abang saya yang sulung di Johol, Negeri Sembilan. Ketibaan 25 buah kereta dari pihak lelaki memang lebih dari cukup untuk menyesakkan tempat itu. 25 buah kereta! Memang jumlah yang agak banyak. Kami bergerak dari Kuala Lumpur seawal jam lapan pagi. Khidmat saya untuk membawa kereta pada pagi itu memang amat diperlukan walaupun saya baru sahaja tiba dari Mesir satu hari sebelumnya. Memang agak meletihkan dan membimbangkan saya maklumlah saya tidakmemandu kereta di Mesir.

Kami tiba di rumah pengantin perempuan sekitar jam 11 pagi. Ketibaan kami mungkin agak lewat sedikit memandangkan pak imam telah pun berada di dalam rumah tersebut. Kelihatan juga Undang Luak Johol di dalam rumah tersebut. Tanpa melengahkan masa, upacara terus dimulakan. Imam mulai memberikan sedikit tazkirah sebagai peringatan kepada pengantin untuk mengharungi hidup yang baru selepas ini.

Setelah berlalu setengah jam, maka berlangsunglah majlis akad nikah. Dengan sekali lafaz, sempurnalah sudah akad tersebut. Walaupun abang saya memberitahu dia agak gugup, namun pada penglihatan saya dia agak lancar menjawab akad tersebut. Berlatih sepanjang malam agaknya. Hehe. Upacara menyarung cicncin agak tergesa-gesa dilakukan kerana Undang Luak Johol telah menuju ke meja makan…..

Insya-Allah, majlis di rumah pengantin lelaki akan diadakan pada 27 Februari 2009 bertempat di Dewan Masjid Abdul Rahman bin Auf, Jalan Puchong. Dijemput semua untuk hadir jika berkesempatan. Pada majlis tersebut, akan ada dua pasangan pengantin, iaitu abang sulung saya dan abang yang kedua bersama pasangan masing-masing. Saya mengharapkan majlis tersebut berjalan lancar tanpa sebarang gangguan.

Setelah melihat dua orang abang saya berkahwin, saya agak tertarik melihat pasangan pengantin baru. Terasa tidak sabar pula untuk menunggu giliran saya. Tapi, masalahnya calon masih lagi tidak ku temui walaupun mak dan abah dah bertanya. Huhu.

Dan buat abang-abangku dan kakak-kakak iparku:

بارك الله لكم وبارك عليكم وجمع بينكم بخير


Wednesday, February 10, 2010

What The....??!!

Pada hari ini, 10 Februari, saya sepatutnya telah menaiki penerbangan ke Malaysia. Namun, oleh sebab-sebab tertentu yang saya sendiri pun kurang memahaminya telah menyebabkan saya tidak dapat menaiki penberbangan tersebut. Saya terpaksa membeli tiket yang baru untuk pulang ke Malaysia pada hari sabtu ini.

Saya sampai ke Terminal 3 Cairo International Airport sekitar jam 10 suku malam waktu Mesir. Saya sudah menjangkakan yang saya akan menghadapi masalah kerana pada tahun lepas saya menghadapi masalah yang sama. FYI, saya menggunakan tiket ZED (nak tau lebih lanjut, better u all google for it la..) Tiket ini merupakan open ticket yang mana validitynya selama 3 bulan. Maknanya, walaupun tarikh pada tiket tersebut 2 Februari, saya masih boleh menaiki penerbangan tersebut sebelum 2 Mei. Namun tidak pula semalam.

Apabila saya pergi ke pejabat Egypt Air semalam yang terletak di lapangan terbang tersebut, saya amat berterima kasih dengan pekerjanya yang agak mesra pelanggan apabila mereka menolong saya sehinggalah ke akhirnya. Namun apa yang menyedihkan dan menyakitkan hati saya apabila customer service Egypt Air(FYI, customer service dan pejabat Egypt Air adalah dua tempat yang berbeza di dalam lapangan terbang tersebut)yang dengan sesuka hatinya melayan saya dengan teruk di samping meninggikan suara sambil memarahi saya. Bukankah sepatutnya saya yang marah?

Apabila saya bertanyakan kepadanya mengapakah saya tidak boleh menaiki kapal terbang tersebut, sedangkan pada tahun lepas saya boleh menaikinya, dia mengatakan ada peraturan baru. Namun, setelah saya menghubungi abang saya di Malaysia dan dia menyatakan tiada peraturan yang dikatakan, pekerja tersebut mulai naik angin dan memarahi saya. Dengan kasarnya dia berkata “This is not customer service’s problem,it is between you and MAS”. Dan mengherdik saya dengan berkata “The only way you can travel now is you buy another ticket or ask MAS to change this ticket for you”.

Saya memang agak marah dengan customer service tersebut dan agak terkilan dengan caranya melayan saya. Sudahlah sebutan englishnya agak sukar difahami, kemudian melayan saya dengan kasar. Mungkin kerana kedatangan saya ke kaunter tersebut mengganggu perbualan rancak dia dan rakannya. Malah saya agak pelik apabila dia tidak membenarkan saya mengikutinya ke kaunter tiket untuk mengesahkan validity tiket saya. Saya hendak mengadu tapi tidak tahu kepada siapa.

Tapi, walau apapun, insyaAllah saya akan pulang ke Malaysia pada 13 haribulan ini. Semoga saya tidak akan menghadapi masalah tersebut skali lagi…

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